Setting The Standards

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Great labor management can lead to increased efficiencies, boosted productivity, and reduced labor costs. Our team of engineers have found breakthrough results across multiple industries from retail to tier 1 automotive to fresh fruit processing facing unique challenges along the way. 

Our team has broken down three of the most important factors to improving your labor management that you can implement at your facility. 

  • Production Standards- Production standards are critical to running any performance-based business. Using data-driven analysis to break down the production process for opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.  
  • Production Tracking Mechanisms-  Tracking and measuring the efficiency of each production cell. Implementing a production tracking mechanism can yield improvements ranging from 25 to 100 percent.
  • Production Feedback Mechanisms- When implementing process improvements, it’s crucial to provide feedback to your workers. A high performing Production Feedback Mechanism promotes employee growth and results in increased employee productivity and process efficiency.
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