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What Is A Productivity Study

Posted by Diron Raines on Mar 25, 2019 2:04:00 PM

An nGROUP Productivity Study provides insight into current operational performance along with the benefits case for change. The process involves three steps that each have a specific goal to understand your operation better, what your business objectives are, and then describes the changes and opportunities for improvement that will result in improved performance.

The First Step

The first step in the process is an initial site visit. After we have had an initial conversation that establishes a good fit between the two companies, nGROUP spends one to two days in your facility to get introduced to your specific business and operation. We work with our clients to determine the area or areas of the facility that nGROUP should focus on.

business analysis

The Process

This process involves understanding how the area operates, how many employees are in that specific area, a basic understanding of workflow, and if the area is a good fit with improvements driven through the output of the employees.Click To Get Your Free Productivity Study

We also work with the executives and facility management to determine the goals that our clients have for improvement. Many times this involves productivity improvements and cost reduction, but other times is focused on employee engagement and retention, quality or customer KPI improvements, capacity increases, or other initiatives that match with the corporate objectives.

This step is accomplished with involvement from the key management team for the facility and involves operations, HR, and many times finance and accounting. This is to ensure that the focus of nGROUP is precise in what our customers’ needs are.Improve Your Labor Management eBook

Process Alignment

After completing the initial visit, and the two groups align on the opportunities with the customer objectives, nGROUP completes the baseline analysis. This baseline analysis involves gathering data to establish historical performance for costs and productivity. We evaluate seasonal trends in output and understand how that may impact and strain the facility or departments. The goal is to establish an understanding of the unit labor costs for the area under consideration.

The Final StepImprovement

The final step in the process is a deeper dive at the facility to quantify the opportunities for improvement. nGROUP has engineering and operations resources that will spend between three days to two weeks onsite in the facility to get a much better understanding of the operation. This time varies based on the complexity of the process. The resources work with the local team and department leadership to identify the daily challenges in the process and begin to create a list of tactical opportunities for improvement with the impact of each. All of these identified opportunities provide the business case for growth in the operation. These opportunities are reviewed and validated with the local team to identify issues and find a consensus.
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