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Using Technology To Improve Your Workforce Management Tools

Posted by Ryan Cates on Oct 29, 2018 10:13:54 AM

technology in distributionTechnological advancements have an impact on every industry — especially manufacturing. In fact, according to the report “Exponential technologies in manufacturing” by Deloitte and Singularity University, 86 percent of the top 100 companies by R&D spend are in the manufacturing sector. The main technology investment areas for these companies include cloud computing, advanced analytics, modeling and simulation, optimization and predictive analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) platforms.

If you want to remain competitive, it’s critical to leverage technological advancements to your advantage — regardless of the size of your company.


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nVISION, nSITE, and nGROUP University: Key Tools to Leverage to Your Advantage

At nGROUP, we utilize three essential tools that can significantly enhance your existing workforce management applications:

  1. nVISION provides a visual representation of every step in the production process using video. This analysis enables you to create standards, eliminate unnecessary steps, and, as a result, enhance efficiency and increase production. Pairing nVISION with a Heat Map feature, you can see which items are being used most or are close to each other and adapt your processes accordingly. For example, if items A and B are used together, place them close to each other. Similarly, if item C is the most shipped product, put it next to shipping to reduce travel time.
  2. nSITE is a labor management system that tracks employee activity and reports on productivity levels. It allows you to measure those levels against company standards and manage your incentive pay program accordingly. You can provide business metrics that are most relevant to your operations. The dashboard can be used to post productivity or as a communication tool; plus, you can use the system to look at the macro on the floor.Download eBook
  3. nGROUP University: In addition to these tools, nGROUP offers access to nGROUP University — an online learning tool for certification courses on a variety of topics including HAACP, GMP, Lean, and Six Sigma for management teams. nGROUP University provides custom education packages for each company and individual based on what their position, experience, and requirements dictate.


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Simple Changes Can Have a Significant Impact

As some of the most advanced workforce management tools available today, nVISION and nSITE provide you with the data and insights you need to streamline the production process and manage workforce performance, while nGROUP University courses can give you a deeper understanding of how to optimize your processes and systems. Ultimately, leveraging these technological tools might appear to be a simple change, but it can have a significant impact on your operations and help you achieve your operational goals faster and more efficiently.

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