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Is My Business a Good Fit For nGROUP

Posted by Ryan Cates on Mar 14, 2019 10:31:00 AM

nGROUP helps people manage their workforce better so they can get the operational results they need and spend more time doing what they want. If you have a workforce in a light industrial environment like a Distribution Center or Manufacturing plant and have some challenges managing it that you’d like help with, those are good leading indicators that an introductory conversation is worthwhile.

Click To Speak To A SpecialistnGROUP offers different services, but our most popular by far is our Cost Per Unit labor model (CPU), which converts your variable labor to a guaranteed fixed cost and shifts the burden of managing the workforce from your team to ours. Our CPU model can be applied to a single department, a shift, or an entire operation.

 Warehouse Labor Engagement

During initial conversations and site visit, nGROUP’s team is looking for qualities in 3 areas; Volume, Process, and Culture to determine if there’s a good fit. If you’re considering CPU the following checklist will help you determine if that’s the case.

nGROUP & Your Business 

These are guidelines, and there are exceptions, so even if you don’t check all the boxes we’d welcome the opportunity speak with you.Get Your Free Webinar!

Do I have sufficient volume for nGROUP’s model to make sense?

Naturally, you will want to see strong benefits from nGROUP’s services. To achieve those results, nGROUP will invest substantial resources to implement and support our program. For all of this to make sense, a minimum labor spend and headcount is necessary. An additional volume consideration is seasonality; operations that are effectively dormant for more than two months can make it difficult to sustain resources necessary to maintain our model.


Will nGROUP work well in my process?

nGROUP works best in processes where the worker’s efforts directly impact cost, quality, and productivity. Some examples are pick/pack, kitting, assembly, and Value-Added Services (VAS). People that will potentially be overseen by nGROUP need to be easily managed separately without limiting flexibility in other areas. If you’re accustomed to moving people from one department to another, that’s fine, but it's best when there are clear lines of separation and a system exists or can be put in place to allocate hours. For billing reconciliation and performance tracking purposes there also needs to be an existing system or one that can easily be put in place to track units produced by nGROUP personnel.

Team work


Will nGROUP be a good fit for my culture?

nGROUP seeks to be our client’s valued partners and trusted advisors. For that to happen, it’s important for us to work with management teams who view nGROUP as a strategy to improve their business, companies with values that are consistent with ours (Trust, Partnership, Integrity, Efficiency), and workforces that can transition into nGROUP’s model. Companies that work with nGROUP usually utilize third party labor, or temps, as a part of their strategy, which allows for an easier move to nGROUP’s model.

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