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How Exactly Does nGROUP Get Results

Posted by Jassen Burch on Mar 5, 2019 2:10:00 PM

nGROUP uses many management methods, tools and, technologies to increase operational performance. One way we like to look at is PUMP…

∆P = ∆U x ∆M x ∆P

Performance =  Utilization x Methods x Pace; If we can achieve a small improvement in each area there’s a multiplying effect that leads to a big result. For more specific examples of how we’ve driven advancement in these areas please see our case studies.

Check Our Our Case Studies!nGROUP created the PUMP business analysis system to quickly and easily assess processes and detect inefficiencies. First, rate the pace of your workforce. Measure how long it takes your team to complete one unit. Then, see if you can shorten this timeframe without compromising safety. Technology like nVISION can compare the body movements and other details of your warehouse workers to instantly know where you could pick up the pace.

Then, calculate the utilization of the average worker’s time. Take an employee’s regular eight-hour day and calculate what percentage of it goes to distraction such as bathroom breaks, conversations, and lunchtime. A working percentage of 60-70% is world class. Operating at 50% or lower, however, shows a severe waste of time and room for improvement. Next, assess the method your employees are using. How do your workers go about the labor processes? Is there room for improvement?

Finally, gauge the overall performance of your warehouse workers. Performance can encompass metrics such as price per unit, but it can also include attitude and attendance. Assess your performance before you start implementing changes, and then continue measuring performance regularly after. You should see performance changes in the right direction. Keep updating your methods until you find what works for your warehouse.Get Your Free Webinar!

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