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How Do I Buy From nGROUP

Posted by Ryan Cates on Feb 4, 2019 10:22:00 AM

leadership agreementCompared to most of the purchases people make, buying a B2B service typically lacks both the instant gratification of going to the store and the convenience of e-commerce. It’s understandable why 71% of B2B buyers say they want B2C-like experiences – faster response times and 24/7 availability—but nearly half (49%) say they’re failing to deliver.  At nGROUP we haven’t quite gotten to the click-click-click-done experience of Amazon, but we’re working towards it, and over the past 20+ years we’ve created a 3-step journey to workforce management euphoria:

  1. Introduction – Introduce the nGROUP’s concept to key stakeholders in person or over the phone.
  2. Exploration – Spend time onsite, determine if there is an opportunity, and define it.
  3. Working proposal – Develop an acceptable approach

Check Our Our Case Studies!Introduction

First, we want to determine if there’s a good fit. To do that you can start by simply setting up a 30-minute webinar or reading a little more on how we evaluate processes for people who are considering our service. nGROUP’s concept is new to many so it’s essential to get a sense of if it will work, who the key stakeholders are, and if there is adequate support for the engagement before anyone invests a lot of time. Usually, two or three calls/meetings are necessary to bring additional people into the conversation, and address follow up questions.


If there appears to be a good operational fit and the stakeholders are open to nGROUP’s concept we will begin to build a business case together. That starts with a one day visit to the prospective site at no cost to you. During that time nGROUP’s team will work with yours to understand what your objectives are and observe the operation. When we’re finished, we will give you feedback on what areas lend themselves to nGROUP’s model, and what the approximate magnitude of the opportunity is.Get Your Free Productivity Study

At this point, you’ll have a more concrete sense of what working with nGROUP looks like and can determine if it makes sense to continue to pursue a partnership. If the answer is “Yes,” the next step is to develop a proposal.

nGROUP will request data to establish baseline performance for unit-labor cost and any other KPI’s that need to be considered. If the data is not available, or the process doesn’t lend itself to a baseline, we will consider alternative approaches such as creating a sample based on a limited timeframe. Once we come to a consensus on baseline performance nGROUP’s team will return to your site for a deeper dive. Again, this is at no cost to you. Our engineers will identify opportunities for improvement, quantify their value, and develop an implementation strategy. Depending on the complexity this can take from two days to three weeks.

Working Proposal

Before departing from our second visit, we will have a closing meeting, and nGROUP will provide you with the bones of a “working” proposal that includes preliminary pricing, and a transition plan. The proposal is “working” because you will continue to work with us to refine it until it’s a win for you, your employees, and nGROUP. From there the only things left to do are schedule the implementation and sign an agreement.


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We’ve designed the process to increase our commitment, along with yours, as the path to a mutually beneficial partnership becomes increasingly clear. Early on, there is little clarity of what the partnership looks like and little invested. We want to uncover obstacles as early as possible and determine if they are insurmountable to protect everyone’s most precious asset; Time.

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