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Don’t Look for Answers to Employee Retention.  Look for Questions.

Posted by David on Mar 21, 2018 9:28:12 AM

Last week we reviewed evidence that when companies invest in practices that increase employee engagement, they conversely produce higher levels of customer satisfaction and realize a significant increase in revenue growth.  This is the reward of increasing employee engagement. Which leads us to a bigger question.  What is the consequence if you do not address employee engagement?Download eBook

In January, a Federal Reserve survey validated what many of us already knew.  There is a labor shortage throughout the United States.  It is more important than ever to retain your current employees.  A Gallup survey shows that “engaged employees are almost twice as likely to want to stay with a company.” For a variety of contemporary issues, employee engagement should be at the top of every company’s 2018 priority list.  So how do you get started?

Measurement of your employee’s engagement is the first and most crucial step in developing practices aimed at retaining your current workforce.  An annual company survey will help determine the degree to which your employees are engaged.


As reported in “The Importance of Measurement in Employee Engagement,” to assess and improve the employee engagement, the following elements should be considered:

  • Do your employees know what’s expected of them in their positions, and do they know how their performance will be measured?
  • Does your organization support career development and provide training programs for its employees?
  • Do managers show their employees they support their personal growth?

The same article goes on to provide key goals of what an employee engagement survey should seek to determine. Ultimately, the results of such a survey will determine if your employees are proud to work for your company, if they would recommend your company as a great place to work and if they are willing to go beyond what is expected for the success of your company.  Not only is such a survey imperative to conduct amongst line workers, it is also important to develop a survey for supervisors.

With the results from annual employee engagement surveys, “managers are better equipped to empower employees by providing clear expectations and feedback that will allow them to fully succeed. By meeting these requirements, companies can steadily improve their employee engagement, which, in turn will improve their customer service, overall profitability” and employee retention.

While companies like IBM are quite versed in delivering and analyzing employee engagement surveys that offer international comparisons and ranking, smaller companies may need to seek outside sources to establish a meaningful survey.  A plethora of software is available for developing appropriate questions that ultimately enable management to make meaningful data-driven decisions.  For a list of leading employee engagement software programs, click here.

As specialists in labor intensive process management, we at nGROUP are dedicated to understanding and implementing best practices that drive employee engagement.  In our continuing series on the importance of employee engagement, we will continue to share and explore relevant research, including:

  1.  The science and art of engaging employees
  2.  The key drivers for improving employee engagement
  3.  The impact of employee engagement on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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