“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”

William Pollard

Succeeding Together

Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations. For this reason, our relationship is more than providing a service for a client. It is a collaborative win-win-win partnership that provides tangible solutions.


nGroup is determined to be the trusted advisor and valued partner for companies requiring exceptional, high-performance operations in order to meet their corporate objectives.


Is to help companies compete and win.
With nGROUP, clients achieve more and risk less
in labor-intensive operations.



From our executive leaders to our facility supervisors, we proactively communicate with our clients,
our workforce and our partners. We build strong, honest and open relationships to provide extraordinary client service.

Excellent in Execution

Our attention to detail, process and efficiency is what sets nGROUP apart. With a passion and reliance
on cutting edge technology, nGROUP is able to drive efficiency on a consistent basis.


At nGROUP we embrace the notion that procedures and goals are not worth the paper they are written on,
if accountability is not the driving, consistent principle. We hire disciplined,
trustworthy team members who take responsibility for achieving results.

Passion for High Performance

We have an unyielding passion to win for our company, our clients and our workers.
Every day, every week, every month and every year we are dedicated to meeting or exceeding expectations.

Team Work

We are steadfast in our collective approach to achieving results.
To excel we are committed to continuous personal, team and corporate improvement.


We are committed to do what is right and good.


Executives and managers across multiple industries are often faced with a challenge, a need to execute or change their methods in order to meet aggressive corporate objectives. Meeting such an objective was the spark that ultimately became the nGROUP Performance System. During the late 1990s, nGROUP President and Co-Founder, David Hair ran a business services company. He was faced with an impossible deadline with no margin of error for a high-profile financial industry client. The national chain was launching a preferred customer card program and needed a data entry team to produce substantial results. To meet the challenge and develop a solution, Hair had to think from the end and that meant extensive time-study testing to determine what it would take to meet production goals. Further, in order for the system to be sustainable, Hair realized that the productivity goals had to be aggressive, yet realistic and more importantly the workers had to receive tangible incentive. The result was a pay for performance approach that set standards, tracked results and promptly incentivized workers to meet or exceed their production goals. After crafting and implementing this performance system, Hair was able to reduce costs by 50% and substantially improve turnaround time.


In 2001, David Hair and Industrial Engineer Jim Zimmerman founded nGROUP to build client partnerships focused around performance, trust and results. As a leading expert in Lean Six Sigma protocols, Zimmerman was able to provide industry specific knowledge and methodologies for companies utilizing low-skilled or semi-skilled labor for tasks in their manufacturing and distribution operations. Through their experiences, the addition of talented thought leaders, and strategic design, nGROUP developed the record-breaking nGROUP Performance System (NPS).

For over 25 years

The nGROUP Performance System has been adopted by executives and managers in labor intensive industries to meet and exceed corporate objectives. NPS consistently outperforms other methods, increasing productivity, quality, and morale, and reducing labor costs by a minimum of 10-25%.

Leaders With Real Experience
Real Results

David Hair

David Hair

President and Co-Founder

David Hair is a successful entrepreneur and business leader. Hair owned businesses in equipment financing, staffing and recruiting before founding nGROUP in 2001.

Hair create the insourcing concept for labor intensive production and is committed to driving growth through excellence and integrity. Hair served as an officer and pilot in the U.S. Navy and earned a BS in Business Management from Indiana University. The philosophy of vested partnerships is a significant reason nGROUP achieves significant results for its clients, says Hair.

Jim Zimmerman

Jim Zimmerman

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Jim Zimmerman is an Industrial Engineer, and a leading expert in Lean Six Sigma Operations Process Outsourcing.

His experience partnering with industry leaders throughout the U.S. provides nGROUP clients with unparalleled insight, best practices and outcomes. Zimmerman, a graduate of Virginia Tech with degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Statistics, craves efficient, high-performance production. He is confident that with the proven nGROUP performance system his talented, hands-on Executive Team will turn ‘chaos into calm’ at each client facility.

Bob Duron

Bob Duron

Chief Operating Officer

Bob Duron is responsible for exceeding operational and financial expectations of nGROUP clients. Under Bob’s seasoned leadership, the experienced Solutions Team creates operationally innovative, cost-effective facilities from start-up to optimizing operations, hitting SLA’s to growing capacity, sourcing a productive workforce to employee engagement.

Over his 30-year career Bob has managed operations for some of the largest, most respected global companies in eCommerce, reverse logistics, direct imports and retail, along with leading large verticals for top 3PL companies. After early career operations management positions with and Gap, Bob spent 16 years in Leadership/Divisional VP of Supply Chain roles at Walmart Stores and five years with DHL/Excel/Americold leading large regions and divisions.

During his time at, Bob was introduced to the Labor Unit Management Model created by nGROUP founders David Hair and Jim Zimmerman. He used the model to transform many facilities under his leadership, lowering labor costs and increasing productivity to record levels. It is only fitting that as nGroup COO Bob has come full circle, now helping other successful executives achieve career highs in both cost-efficiency and productivity with the nGROUP 'magic.'

Diron Raines

Diron Raines

Executive Vice President

Diron Raines manages assessment and benefits case development, while maintaining responsibilities for implementation and ongoing leadership with client partners.

Prior to joining nGROUP, Raines was a Senior Manager in Accenture’s Strategy Practice. He implemented and managed cost reduction and tactical improvement programs for several global companies. Raines is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a BS in Chemical Engineering. The results nGROUP achieved for Sony were especially satisfying to Raines, as the nGROUP/Sony team created a 30% cost reduction for this high quality, already efficient global leader, significantly contributing to their global business initiative.

Ryan Cates

Ryan Cates

Vice President Sales

Ryan Cates joined nGROUP in 2006 as nGROUP’s first dedicated business development executive.

During his tenure Ryan has also taken on leadership roles in operations and implementations. In doing so he has developed expertise in a variety of industries, including third party logistics, retail and wholesale distribution, fresh fruit and vegetable processing, reverse logistics, packaging and fulfillment, and automotive manufacturing. He consults with executives to evaluate effective operational solutions then patiently waits until they are ready to move to the nGROUP system. Known for building long term relationships, Ryan believes patience and persistence create the best client partnerships. He is on the board of his local Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) chapter, earned a Lean 6 Sigma greenbelt, has completed post graduate coursework through Wharton Business School, is Sandler Sales Certified, and graduated from Virginia Military Institute with a BS in Chemistry.

David A.Cook

David A.Cook

Vice President Technology

David Cook is responsible for technology development for nGROUP corporate systems, as well as onsite technology initiatives, such as sophisticated work scheduling and incentive pay payroll systems.

Prior to joining nGROUP, Cook was heavily involved in leading the development and implementation for two Software as a Service companies that delivered solutions to large customer bases in education and business nationally as well as internationally. Also an excellent communicator, Cook is partners with nGROUP executives to develop instructional videos and training for nGROUP University. Cook graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a BS and received a MS from Florida Institute of Technology.