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is the leading 3rd Party Human Logistics provider, offering a comprehensive on-site business solution for manufacturing and distribution companies that require cost improvement and risk protection in their labor intensive operations.
With nGROUP, clients achieve more and risk less in labor intensive operations. 
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what we deliver
> New process efficiencies
> Immediate cost reduction
> Protection from risk
> Guaranteed outcome pricing
> Flexible labor strategy
> Control and accountability
> Partnership collaboration

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1Contemporary Issues Fueling
Operational and Labor Change 

1. The costs associated with labor compliance are dramatically increasing.

2. Employment litigation has increased significantly over the last decade.

3. US manufacturing is positioned for a comeback.

2Fix-It-Fast Change That
Real Results

If you have been a decision maker long enough, you have entertained your fair share of consultants and sales pitches that promise astonishing improvement to your bottom line through changing to their solution.  The difference between a plan that doesn’t work and plan that does is a guaranteed, proven outcome with feasible implementation.

3Effective Implementation of
Change Management 

In our 20 years of experience of working with
world-class companies, we have found that the biggest obstacle of adopting the 3PHL model is not logistical implementation. It is commitment.

1. Pressure For Change:Top Down Approach
2. A Clear, Shared Vision That Motivates
3. Capacity for Change
4. Action

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